Get the list of your workspaces

Objective: get a list of all Workspaces you can access. You do not need to know your user_id to perform this operation. From this list you can retrieve the workspace UIDs to use on other APIs that require you to have the Workspace UID. This is a good test to verify the functionality of your Access Token.

All API endpoints share the same base URL:

After you receive the authentication token, you can get a list of all the workspaces you can access.

Endpoint /v2/users/me/workspaces
Method GET
Comments You do not need to know the client_id to get this list of workspaces of the user.

Code sample

See below code samples in Python and Node.js.

# Python Code (python 3.5+)
import requests
import pprint

Required modules:
    requests 2.22.0

# Get the list of workspaces the user account associates to the Authentication Token can access


if __name__ == "__main__":
   portal = ""

   # Get all the images from a workspace
   API_version = 'v2'

   API_endpoint = '/' + API_version + '/users/me/workspaces'

   the_request = requests.get(
       portal + API_endpoint,
       headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}

  # format answer to json
   json_response = the_request.json()
   # By default we get the first 25 workspaces

  # added to format display of json output

// NodeJS
var axios = require('axios');


How to run:
node this_script_name.js

Requires "axios" module (0.19.0), run:
npm install axios



const token = 'SET_YOUR_TOKEN_HERE';
const portal = '';
const api_version = 'v2';
const api_endpoint = '/users/me/workspaces';

request_values = {
    method: 'GET',
    url: portal + '/' +api_version + api_endpoint,
    headers : {
        'Authorization': "Bearer " + token,
        'Content-Type' : 'application/json'    

    .then(function (response) {
      if (response.status == 200)
    .catch (function (error) {
        console.log('Error: ' + error.message);


What you should get: json with the list of the first 25 workspaces your user has access to.

Element Json Comments
Workspace UID ['workspaces'][N]['uid'] where N is the N-th workspace in the list.
Workspace name ['workspaces'][N]['name'] where N is the N-th workspace in the list.

Output Json sample

  {'limit': 25,
  'offset': 0,
  'paging': {'next': '/v2/users/me/workspaces?offset=25&limit=25',
             'prev': None,
             'self': '/v2/users/me/workspaces?offset=0&limit=25'},
  'size': 25,
  'total': 121,
  'workspaces': [{'active_users_count': 0,
                  'created_at': '2016-11-18T01:34:10.000Z',
                  'default_role_uid': None,
                  'description': '',
                  'favorite': 0,
                  'has_meeting': False,
                  'name': 'Hello',
                  'organization': {'default_public_workspace_role_uid': 'mmFwoDayeaLnPGx3QTcZ',
                                   'name': 'Bluescape',
                                   'uid': '2M-EiUhza9MZgrw2CJ31'},
                  'organization_uid': '2M-EiUhza9MZgrw2CJ31',
                  'public': True,
                  'publish_state': 'published',
                  'publish_state_at': '2016-11-18T01:35:38.000Z',
                  'published_at': '2016-11-18T01:35:38.000Z',
                  'published_url': '',
                  'uid': '9r1UGKtsoxRfv_x3kd-E',
                  'updated_at': '2019-10-07T21:59:03.000Z',
                  'users_count': 2,
                  'workspace_owner': {'avatar_url': None,
                                      'created_at': '2016-06-27T23:41:14.000Z',
                                      'email': '[email protected]',
                                      'first_name': 'Indiana',
                                      'industry': 'Other - not listed',
                                      'last_name': 'Jones',
                                      'locked_at': None,
                                      'phone_number': '4085553848',
                                      'title': None,
                                      'uid': 'JnPiG6qd2EtFCjipWRE1',
                                      'updated_at': '2019-02-04T11:11:32.000Z'},
                  'workspace_role': {'can_at_mention': True,
                                     'can_comment': True,
                                     'can_download_assets': True,
                                     'can_edit_workspace_content': True,
                                     'can_list_collaborators': True,
                                     'can_send_message': True,
                                     'can_send_to_wall': True,
                                     'can_view_workspace_content': True,
                                     'can_view_workspace_settings': True,
                                     'description': 'Editor can view workspace '
                                                    'settings, can view, '
                                                    'comment and edit '
                                                    'workspaces content, and '
                                                    'can view collaborators',
                                     'display_order': 3,
                                     'is_custom': False,
                                     'name': 'Editor',
                                     'type': 'user',
                                     'uid': 'mmFwoDayeaLnPGx9QTcZ'}},
                 {'active_users_count': 0,
                  'created_at': '2016-12-12T20:32:57.000Z',
                  'default_role_uid': None,  

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at Bluescape support.