Listener Events

Below is a table of the event types that can be subscribed to when creating listeners.

Event Type Description
ATTACH_ADD Attach add events
ATTACH_ALL All attach events
ATTACH_DELETE Attach delete events
BROWSER_ALL All browser events
BROWSER_CREATE Browser create events
BROWSER_DELETE Browser delete events
BROWSER_UPDATE Browser update events
CANVAS_ALL All canvas events
CANVAS_CREATE Canvas create events
CANVAS_DELETE Canvas delete events
CANVAS_UPDATE Canvas update events
CLOCK_ALL All clock events
CLOCK_CREATE Clock create events
CLOCK_DELETE Clock delete events
CLOCK_UPDATE Clock update events
COMMENT_ALL All comment events
COMMENT_CREATE Comment create events
COMMENT_DELETE Comment delete events
COMMENT_UPDATE Comment update events
DOCUMENT_ALL All document events
DOCUMENT_CREATE Document create events
DOCUMENT_DELETE Document delete events
DOCUMENT_UPDATE Document update events
IMAGE_ALL All image events
IMAGE_CREATE Image create events
IMAGE_DELETE Image delete events
IMAGE_UPDATE Image update events
NOTE_ALL All note events
NOTE_CREATE Note create events
NOTE_DELETE Note delete events
NOTE_UPDATE Note update events
ORGANIZATION_ALL All organization events
ORGANIZATION_DELETE Organization delete events
ORGANIZATION_LOCK Organization lock events
ORGANIZATION_UPDATE Organization update events
ORGANIZATION_USER_ADD Organization user add events
ORGANIZATION_USER_ALL All organization user events
ORGANIZATION_USER_REMOVE Organization user remove events
ORGANIZATION_USER_ROLE_CHANGE Organization user role change events
ORGANIZATION_USER_UPDATE Organization user update events
STROKE_ALL All stroke events
STROKE_CREATE Stroke create events
STROKE_DELETE Stroke delete events
STROKE_UPDATE Stroke update events
TEXT_ALL All text events
TEXT_CREATE Text create events
TEXT_DELETE Text delete events
TEXT_UPDATE Text update events
WORKSPACE_ALL All workspace events
WORKSPACE_ARCHIVE Workspace archive events
WORKSPACE_CREATE Workspace create events
WORKSPACE_DELETE Workspace delete events
WORKSPACE_DUPLICATE Workspace duplicate events
WORKSPACE_PUBLISH Workspace publish events
WORKSPACE_UNPUBLISH Workspace unpublish events
WORKSPACE_UPDATE Workspace update events
WORKSPACE_USER_ADD Workspace user add events
WORKSPACE_USER_ALL All workspace user events
WORKSPACE_USER_REMOVE Workspace user remove events
WORKSPACE_USER_ROLE_CHANGE Workspace user role change events
WORKSPACE_USER_UPDATE Workspace user update events