Listener Events

Below is a table of the event types that can be subscribed to when creating listeners. More details about Listeners can be found in the Listeners page.

Please remember that the term "Listener" must be understood from your perspective, as the API user interacting with a Workspace: you will set a Listener to listen to events that occur in that Workspace.

Event Type Description
ATTACH_ADD Attach add events
ATTACH_ALL All attach events
ATTACH_DELETE Attach delete events
BROWSER_ALL All browser events
BROWSER_CREATE Browser create events
BROWSER_DELETE Browser delete events
BROWSER_UPDATE Browser update events
CANVAS_ALL All canvas events
CANVAS_CREATE Canvas create events
CANVAS_DELETE Canvas delete events
CANVAS_UPDATE Canvas update events
CLOCK_ALL All clock events
CLOCK_CREATE Clock create events
CLOCK_DELETE Clock delete events
CLOCK_UPDATE Clock update events
COMMENT_ALL All comment events
COMMENT_CREATE Comment create events
DOCUMENT_ALL All document events
DOCUMENT_CREATE Document create events
DOCUMENT_DELETE Document delete events
DOCUMENT_UPDATE Document update events
IMAGE_ALL All image events
IMAGE_CREATE Image create events
IMAGE_DELETE Image delete events
IMAGE_UPDATE Image update events
NOTE_ALL All note events
NOTE_CREATE Note create events
NOTE_DELETE Note delete events
NOTE_UPDATE Note update events
ORGANIZATION_ALL All organization events
ORGANIZATION_DELETE Organization delete events
ORGANIZATION_LOCK Organization lock events
ORGANIZATION_UPDATE Organization update events
ORGANIZATION_USER_ADD Organization user add events
ORGANIZATION_USER_ALL All organization user events
ORGANIZATION_USER_REMOVE Organization user remove events
ORGANIZATION_USER_ROLE_CHANGE Organization user role change events
ORGANIZATION_USER_UPDATE Organization user update events
STROKE_ALL All stroke events
STROKE_CREATE Stroke create events
STROKE_DELETE Stroke delete events
TEXT_ALL All text events
TEXT_CREATE Text create events
TEXT_DELETE Text delete events
TEXT_UPDATE Text update events
WORKSPACE_ALL All workspace events
WORKSPACE_ARCHIVE Workspace archive events
WORKSPACE_CREATE Workspace create events
WORKSPACE_DELETE Workspace delete events
WORKSPACE_DUPLICATE Workspace duplicate events
WORKSPACE_PUBLISH Workspace publish events
WORKSPACE_UNPUBLISH Workspace unpublish events
WORKSPACE_UPDATE Workspace update events
WORKSPACE_USER_ADD Workspace user add events
WORKSPACE_USER_ALL All workspace user events
WORKSPACE_USER_REMOVE Workspace user remove events
WORKSPACE_USER_ROLE_CHANGE Workspace user role change events
WORKSPACE_USER_UPDATE Workspace user update events